Finally, a safe and reliable way to buy property back home

If you’re a Zambian living abroad, buying property back home can be risky business.  From receiving misleading information to being downright conned out of your hard earned money – the process can seem overwhelming at best and treacherous at worst.  Diaspora Connect was created to solve your property buying problems.  Our business was created with you in mind; we’ve created a platform that provides a safe and reliable way to buy property at home.  We’ve brought together some of the best service providers with extensive experience in three key areas; property development, mortgage financing and legal representation, creating a one-stop service for Zambians wishing to buy property back home.  Whether you’re looking to buy a plot or a house, seeking a diaspora mortgage or sound legal advice; we have a solution that helps you.

My name is Natasha Chiumya, founder and director of Diaspora Connect. I’m passionate about helping you to build security and wealth through property ownership.  I’m a lawyer by profession and have seen first hand through our diaspora clients, the challenges that Zambians in the diaspora face when buying property – you don’t know where to get decent information about good property investments, the process of buying property seems confusing, you’re skeptical about obtaining title deeds in your name, you’ve had your fingers burnt too many times, most of your friends have gone through the same awful experience – it can seem overwhelming!  As a real estate agent focused on the diaspora, I help to simplify the buying process by providing information on the Zambian real estate market, advising you of excellent property opportunities, linking you up with excellent service providers in the property value chain and alot more.  I’ve interacted with real estate from many different angles; as a lawyer, real estate agent, adjudicator, developer and of course, a consumer. This gives a me unique 360 degree perspective on real estate.  I use my experience, knowledge and insight to empower you to make great property buying decisions that meet your aspirations. Once your decision is made, I’ll walk you through the process step by step. Finally, you have a way to invest in property back home that gives you peace of mind.

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